Vision & Values

The Community Colleges of Iowa are proactive leaders, advocates and partners building sustainable communities through workforce and economic development and the maximization of human potential through high quality educational opportunities.

IACCT supports and facilitates this vision with one voice through:

  • Proactive leadership and advocacy;
  • Communicating quality achievements and data;
  • Promoting local governance and regional workforce and economic development;
  • Securing long-term fiscal capacity;
  • Advancing opportunities for students;
  • Creating and sustaining relationships internally and externally;
  • Identifying, celebrating and encouraging Iowa's sustainable communities; and
  • Promoting diversity within Iowa's community colleges.


The IACCT Values Statement provides a frame of reference for the decision making and priority setting in the organization. IACCT's values are:

Education and Continuous Learning: IACCT advocates for Iowa's Community Colleges, the largest postsecondary system in Iowa, in furthering a sound economy by providing every community member an opportunity and encouraging them to pursue the achievement of their full potential at all stages of their lives.

Diversity: IACCT supports and promotes the diversity and human dignity of Iowa's Community Colleges' students, faculty, staff and all others with whom they and IACCT interact.

Integrity: IACCT operates with the highest level of ethics, professionalism, and honesty in communication and decision making to build and sustain trusting relationships among Iowa's Community Colleges and their colleagues, communities, and partners.

Leadership and Innovation: IACCT convenes and embraces opportunities to collaborate openly with current and potential partners in the education, government, and business communities to formulate innovative solutions and develop resources.

Local Governance: IACCT recognizes, supports, and promotes the mission of each of Iowa's Community Colleges through its support of the autonomy and decision making authority of locally elected Trustees.

Service and Stewardship: IACCT, keeping in mind its duty as a steward of its members' funds, responds efficiently and effectively to members' and partners' needs by adding qualitative and quantitative value to services and products.