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Fall 2020:

Iowa Lakes embraces virtual welcome back options

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Last Dollar Scholarship Program:

Supports recession-proof degree options

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Indian Hills

We're all in this together...

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Helping the Community:

Hawkeye's Many Success Stories During Pandemic

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Northeast Iowa Community College

Helpline expanded to help all businesses applying for funding assistance 

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April 28:

Mask Distribution at Marshalltown Community College

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Going the Extra Mile:

Northwest Iowa Community College Provides Extra Assistance to ESL and HSED Students

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Iowa Western

3D Printer for Protective Equipment

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WITCC Gives Students Tools to Succeed During Covid-19


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HFH Therapy Department Relocates to Ellsworth Activity Center


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Crisis Problem Solving:

Mastering the Art of the Pivot

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Help Line to Assist Small Businesses

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Tutoring Option Available for Kirkwood Students


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Hawkeye Coordinates Efforts:

Providing protective COVID-19 equipment

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IWCC Dorms:

Temporary home for COVID-19 health care workers

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National Community College Month

DMACC Celebrates Service and Innovation

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Iowa Lakes Students Volunteer for Mini-Mission


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Muscatine Comes Together

Finding Housing for MCC Students

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Clinton Community College Donates Masks and Gowns


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Volunteer Firefighters Train at WITCC


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WITCC Gives Hospital Beds to Cherokee Hospital


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Hawkeye Helps Medical Face Shield Shortage


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Iowa Lakes Students: 3D Printed Face Shields


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Covid-19 updates from our Community Colleges


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SWCC Gives Back to Area Partners


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Higher ed in limbo:

Community Colleges provide cheaper option for online learning

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IACCT is a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the purpose of promoting social welfare by strengthening, developing and correlating the work of its Members (the Community College Boards) and promoting civic betterment and social improvements allowed by law. In carrying out its Purpose, the Association respects the need to preserve the unique communities and business partners of each Community College and within that framework helps them join together to utilize the strength of the group. 

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Community Colleges of Iowa

Iowa's Community Colleges do more than simply educate students: we also enrich and serve our students' local communities. Providing skilled workforce training, we encourage economic development that affects the well-being of our state.

For every $1 invested...

$3.50 is returned to Iowa's taxpayers, with an average annual return rate of 10.4%

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Click to learn more about Workforce Trainers of Iowa

Workforce Trainers of Iowa

For 50 years, Iowa Community Colleges have provided a trained workforce to Iowa Business, added to Iowa Gross State Product, and increased Student Earnings. Iowa Community Colleges give students improved employability and career enhancement, leading to a strong Iowa economy.  Iowa Business, through unique partnerships with Iowa Community College, has access to high-skilled individuals for high demand occupations.

Click to learn more about Bill Watch

Bill Watch

One of our major goals during the legislative session is to keep track of bills that concern our Community Colleges. Check here frequently to stay up-to-date on these bills.

Click to learn more about Community College Collaboration

Community College Collaboration

Positioned all across the state, Iowa's 15 Community Colleges contribute to their local economic development. By collaborating and working together with local business and industry, our Community Colleges are vital to our state's regional economic growth and workforce needs. 

Click to learn more about 2019 Department of Education Condition of Community Colleges Report

2019 Department of Education Condition of Community Colleges Report

Every year, the Department of Education releases The Annual Condition of Iowa's Community Colleges. Included is important information on academic programs, enrollment data, student success, and information about the cost of attending and operating our Community Colleges.

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