Outstanding Administrator/Manager Award

The Outstanding Administrator/Manager Award recognizes an active Administrator/Manager (other than a President or Chancellor) of a member Community College Board.

Nominating Criteria:

  • What has the administrator/manager initiated or assisted in the development of innovative programs that became operative in a Community College?
  • In what capacity has this administrator/manager served as a member of a technical or special committee serving the Community College concept and how did this effort affect the total college program at the community, state, regional, or national level? 
  • How has this administrator/manager provided leadership in helping to solve challenges for a Community College(s)? 
  • How has this administrator/manager been active in developing, organizing, or supporting state and/or national Community College associations?
  • In what ways has this administrator/manager established leadership with the members of Community College faculty, support staff, other administrators/managers, students, community members, and their President/Chancellor?
  • What other specific awards, honors, or recognition has this administrator/manager received within the Community College or the community in recognition of their leadership?