Outstanding Support Staff Award

The Outstanding Support Staff Award recognizes a member Community College Board, State Department of Education or state organization support staff member that serves in a secretarial, administrative, maintenance or other support staff capacity. To be eligible this recipient may not serve in a faculty, management or policymaking capacity.

Nominating Criteria:

  • In what way has this staff member demonstrated a service leadership role toward the members of the board of trustees, administrators, faculty, students, and community?
  • How does this staff member demonstrate performance in support of the board/CEO team?
  • How has this staff member assisted the board/CEO team in developing or initiating innovative projects for your institution?
  • What professional development activities at the national and/or state level has this staff member pursued?
  • What other continuing education activities has this staff member pursued?
  • What recognition has this staff member received for his/her leadership or involvement in the college or community?
  • What outstanding characteristics motivated you to nominate this staff member?