Legislative Resources

Know your Legislators:

Find the names and contact information for your legislators. (Click on their name, to see their specific information)

Know your Legislation:

  • Search for a bill by keyword or bill number. Click Current Bill History (left side) to learn about it's status. Once there, you may also see how your legislator voted on a bill by noting where it says Passed House (or Senate) and clicking on the journal page number listed (i.e. S.J. 265).
  • Find information about upcoming committee hearings.

Writing to Legislators:

Use the following guidelines when sending sending letters or emails to your legislators.

  • Use your home address, and be sure that it is on both the letter and the envelope.
  • Do not use your school or college email account or letterhead to contact legislators.
  • Send typewritten (not hand-written) letters. Use your spell checker and edit carefully.
  • Address the letter to "The Honorable _____________", and for the salutation use "Dear Senator ____________" or "Dear Representative ______________".
  • State who you are and your purpose in writing.
  • Be concise. Legislators have a full plate of issues and will appreciate a brief, clear synopsis. Use bullet points. 
  • Discuss only one bill or issue in the letter. If you are writing about a specific bill, refer to that bill number whenever possible.
  • Be factual and respectful.
  • State your reasons for your viewpoint. A few well researched arguments are better than a long list of general reasons for your views.
  • Relate it to home. Help the legislator understand why your position is important to his or her constituents. Include specific facts about how a bill will impact educators, students or schools in their district. Include a story to illustrate a bill's impact.
  • Offer to act as a resource for further information.
  • Request a reply explaining the legislator's views on the topic.
  • Be sure to include a thank you statement.
  • And note that legislators rarely receive thank you notes. If you send one to a legislator who is supportive of your issues, it will be remembered!

Legislative Links:

Know your Lobbyists:

Find general information about your lobbyists. Click Search Lobbyist Declarations (second line) for information on how they registered on a specific bill.