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More than just a GED

Emily Wall initially came to Northeast Iowa Community College to earn her GED, but after talking to her academic advisor, Wall found NICC offered the opportunities to advance her career.

"Completing my GED was really the start of how Northeast Iowa Community College changed my life. My academic advisor talked to me and is the first person to tell me I wasn't dumb--that I had a future--and she asked me what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to become a welder and learned that the College offers a Welding program and there are scholarships available."

After receiving a Welding diploma, Wall continued her training to complete an Intro to Industrial Maintenance short-term certificate. This fall, she is beginning an Associate of Science transfer degree from the College.

"NICC has changed my life in so many ways, from teachers who go the extra mile to the technical support that always calls you back. NICC has come into my life as a matter of chance and yet so radically given me the resources and support to further myself more than I ever thought possible."

Jay Nardini, Elected ACCT Vice Chair

On October 15, during our San Diego Leadership Congress, Hawkeye College's Board of Trustees Chair, Jay Nardini, was elected Vice Chair to our national Association of Community College Trustees Board. Congratulations, Jay!

Tour Southeastern's Industrial Tech Training Center

Check out the ways in which students are trained in hydraulics, AC/DC electrical systems, mechatronics engineering, and automation robotics! Watch the video here.

Transfer Students

While the national average is only around 45%, in Iowa, over 52% of students that start at an in-state Community College and transfer to any U.S. institution graduate with a bachelor's degree within 3 years. We're super proud of all the hard work our Colleges do to open up future paths for our students!

Advanced Manufacturing Careers

Northeast Iowa Community College has a fantastic video about careers in advanced manufacturing. Check it out here.

The Future of Manufacturing

Think manufacturing jobs are dirty in labor-intensive conditions? Think again. In 2021, manufacturing sites are clean and modern centers of technology. Iowa's Community Colleges are vital in changing this image. More information can be found here.


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