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-Motivational Monday Stories:

  • Why do some of us not have a one true calling? Some of us are wired to be specialists and some of us are wired to be multipotenialites (yes, you read that right!) Link

  • Google launches program to hire more people with autism Link

  • Restaurant surprises customer with a message written in Braille Link

  • One mom is braiding kids' hair for free, helping parents with back-to-school stress Link

  • 5-year-old hikes Appalachian Trail in 209 days Link

-The mental health of our Community College folks around the state is extremely important to us. There are so many factors that put a strain on our mental well-being, including new environments, the stresses of juggling school, work, and home life, not to mention the added fear and stress surrounding the pandemic. In conjunction with September being National Suicide Prevention Month, in the next weeks we will be posting about our Colleges' mental health service offerings, ways in which we all can take better care of ourselves, and how we can help those around us who are struggling. 

-All 15 Iowa Community Colleges offer Pell Grants, and with the program expansion, inmates in 42 states can now receive this federal grant to earn trade certifications and associate's degrees from Community Colleges and universities. Link

-Make sure to register for ABI's Legends in Manufacturing Awards Dinner on September 28 at 4:30 p.m. in Altoona follow by the Advanced Manufacturing Conference the following day. Link

-This year's Future Ready Iowa Summit on September 16 is quickly approaching! Tough questions will be asked, educators and partners will share solutions focused on work-based learning, and state leaders will frame actions for transformation. Link

-Justin Phongsavanh, a 2018 DMACC alum from Ankeny, won Bronze for the U.S. in the F54 men's javelin this week in the Paralympics! Link

-We love it when we get a chance to share photos of IACCT award winners! Here is former IACCT Executive Director, MJ Dolan, who won the Ebbers Honorary Trustee Award. Congratulations again! 

MJ stands holding her award (an etched glass vase with the IACCT logo on the front). She is standing in front of grass and greenery.

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