Iowans For A Skilled Workforce (ISW)

Iowans For A Skilled Workforce is a bipartisan political action committee. ISW was created by supporters of Iowa's community colleges -- the workforce trainers of Iowa.

These supporters believe that each community college plays a vital role in growing Iowa's economy by providing training to the next generation of Iowa's skilled workers.

Iowa's policymakers come from all walks of life and are not expected to be experts on every issue. With the funds provided to it, ISW dedicates itself to educating our legislators and public officials. The funds you contribute help them make educated decisions.

The Iowans For A Skilled Workforce Board of Directors is a seven member board comprised of Iowa Association of Community College Trustees and Iowa Association of Community College Presidents.

Why Should I Invest in Iowans For A Skilled Workforce?

  • ISW is a way to collect individual contributions and combine them to support candidates for public office.
  • Each year Iowa's legislators consider the funding level and types of workforce training programs that will be available to Iowans.
  • ISW allows contributors, who support sustained funding of Iowa's workforce training programs, to have a greater voice in the political process.
  • The greater the number of supporters of Iowa's workforce training programs and community colleges, the stronger their voice with Iowa's elected officials.
  • ISW is about your personal commitment to Iowa's workforce training programs and its workers.
  • The ISW Board is dedicated to bipartisan support of campaigns and political parties.
  • The ISW administration and operations expenses are covered by the Iowa Association of Community College Trustees. All contributions made to ISW are distributed to candidates for public office.

How Do I Invest?

Participating in ISW is easy. Mail a check along with the donation form. ISW donations must be made from personal funds. State law prohibits corporations and financial institutions from contributing to ISW.